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All-in-One Screenwriting App

Story Architect is a modern application for authors that combines flexibility and simplicity of the user interface with an incredibly rich set of features. It allows you to work on projects of different genres and forms, store all the information about your stories inside one project, and provides many opportunities to improve the life of authors.

The main features of the application:

  • Ability to maintain a project bible
  • Detailed descriptions of the characters + diagram of their relationship
  • Detailed descriptions of locations + map of locations
  • Ability to work with screenplays, comic books, plays and audio drama
  • Specialized editors that automate the work on each of the forms of your works
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of series within one project
  • Ability to save your works in DOCX and PDF formats
  • Opportunity to work on projects offline as well as collaborate with coauthors in real-time

In par with the big modules, Story Architect provides a bunch of small tools for improving writers workflow:

  • Poster designer tool
  • Character name generator
  • Character photo generator
  • Logline generator
  • Timer for organizing writing sprints
  • Corkboard
  • Statistical and visual reports
  • and much more

Starc is being developed with strong authors’ involvement and support so we don’t waste the app performance on the features you don’t need.

If you have any ideas, wishes, suggestions or comments, we are happy to discuss them to make the app even better! You can contact us through the feedback form on the site, or in any of the social networks.

Happy writing!

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9 ngày trước
Kích thước cài đặt~144 MB
Kích thước tải xuống58 MB
Cấu trúc có sẵnx86_64
Cài đặt2.065
Giấy phépĐộc quyền
Trang web của dự ánhttps://starc.app
Đóng góp bản dịchhttps://starc.app/translate

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flatpak run dev.storyapps.starc