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Graphical interface for displaying OATH codes with a YubiKey

NOTE: This (community) flatpak currently has issues with distros that use a patched version of pcsc-lite, like Fedora. DON'T report this to Yubico.

Generating Open Authentication (OATH) time-based TOTP and event-based HOTP one-time password codes, with the help of a YubiKey that protects the shared secrets.


  • Add a credential by scanning a QR code on the screen
  • Favorite your most used credentials for easy access
  • Keep your secret seeds safe by storing them on a YubiKey
  • Require a touch on YubiKey to generate the code
  • Protect your credentials with a device password
  • Connect an external smart card reader and use the YubiKey over NFC

Thay đổi ở phiên bản 6.1.0

khoảng 2 tháng trước
Kích thước cài đặt~112 MB
Kích thước tải xuống44 MB
Cấu trúc có sẵnaarch64, x86_64
Cài đặt30.034
Giấy phépBSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License

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flatpak install flathub com.yubico.yubioath


flatpak run com.yubico.yubioath