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Sewing pattern design software

Seamly2D is pattern design software to create reusable, scalable, sharable custom-fit patterns using bespoke tailoring, haute couture, and historical pattern drafting techniques. Seamly2D saves time and improves fit by creating patterns that are reusable parametric CAD engineering documents.

Unlike other pattern design software, Seamly2D allows designers to have complete control of the patternmaking process. Each reusable, scalable pattern can read multi-size tables for boutique sizing, and read individual measurement files for custom-fit.

Seamly2D is open source software released under the GPLv3+ license. Seamly2D is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Learn more about Seamly2D by joining our active, friendly community at https://forum.seamly.net

Зміни у версії v2023.2.6.229

близько 13 годин тому
Розмір встановлення~44 MB
Розмір завантаження30 MB
Доступні архітектуриaarch64, x86_64
ЛіцензіяGNU General Public License v3.0 or later
Вебсайт проєктуhttps://seamly.net
Повідомити про проблемуhttps://github.com/FashionFreedom/Seamly2D/issues

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flatpak install flathub net.seamly.seamly2d


flatpak run net.seamly.seamly2d