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When it comes to your life online, you have a choice: accept the factory settings or put your privacy first. When you choose Firefox as your default browser, you’re choosing to protect your data while supporting an independent tech company. Firefox is also the only major browser backed by a non-profit fighting to give you more openness, transparency and control of your life online. Join hundreds of millions of people who choose to protect what's important by choosing Firefox - a web browser designed to be fast, easy to use, customizable and private.

Изменения в версии 109.0

17 дней назад
Установленный размер~248 MB
Размер загрузки90 MB
Доступные архитектурыx86_64
Количество установок1 608 532
ЛицензияMozilla Public License 2.0
Сайт проектаhttps://www.mozilla.org/firefox/
Участие в переводахhttps://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Starting_a_localization
Сообщить о проблемеhttps://bugzilla.mozilla.org/

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