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A cross-platform reimplementation of JKDF2

OpenJKDF2 is an open-source re-implementation of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (JKDF2). OpenJKDF2 removes the hassle of rendering and input compatibility shims, while also providing in-app guided installation steps, cross-platform multiplayer, and a host of graphical (and other) improvements:

  • OpenGL hardware rendering with emissive textures, bloom, and ambient occlusion.
  • Ultrawide and HiDPI monitor support, with configurable FOV and scaled HUD elements.
  • Configurable FPS caps (including VSync and fixed animations)
  • Cross-platform multiplayer support, including IPv6.
  • SDL2 joystick/controller support.
  • Various fixes and improvements for bugs in the original game.
  • Native support for Linux and macOS.
  • Built-in support jkgfxmod texture packs.
  • Built-in support for GOG/Steam Ogg Vorbis soundtracks, with fixed looping.
  • Aspect-correct cutscene rendering, and windowed rendering without screen mode switching.

Jedi Knight(C) Dark Forces II is Copyright (C) Lucasfilm Ltd. 1997-2009. An original Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II game disk, or original licensed assets from Steam or GOG, are required in order to play OpenJKDF2.

Promjene u verziji 0.8.16

prije 6 dana
Veličina instalacije~8 MB
Veličina preuzimanja3 MB
Dostupne arhitektureaarch64, x86_64
LicencaBSD Zero Clause License

Kronologija broja instaliranja

Ručno instaliranje

Slijedi vodič za postavljanje prije instaliranja

flatpak install flathub org.openjkdf2.OpenJKDF2


flatpak run org.openjkdf2.OpenJKDF2