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Borg ER-3

A portable (SDL) audio synthesizer / tone generator inspired by the Korg ER-1

This is fixed-state modular synthesizer using FART oscillators, which if you can hold back the chuckles for just a moment stands for Frequency, Amplitude, Resolution, and Transformation oscillators, where the resolution regards harmonic resolution and transformation regards which wave-shape is being produced by the oscillator.

The envelope can be clicked and dragged into any shape, and the biquads can be manually configured on a per coefficient basis, they are executed in sequential order so BIQUAD 1 executes first.

Promjene u verziji 1.0.1

prije oko 2 mjeseca
Veličina instalacije~936 KB
Veličina preuzimanja59 KB
Dostupne arhitektureaarch64, x86_64
LicencaMIT License

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