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The next generation of web-desktop communication

With customizable toolbars, sleeping tabs, cookie containers, and multiple profiles, Wavebox has everything you need to work better across Slack, Asana, Gmail, Teams, Figma, and all your other daily web tools.

  • Tab organizing, sleep, and search.
  • Containers for multi-accounts.
  • Profiles for multiple setups.
  • High performance, longer battery life.
  • Zero ads or tracking.

NOTE: You need to purchase a license to use this application. This package is not verified by, affiliated with, or supported by Wavebox.io

Changements dans la version 10.111.32-2

il y a 5 jours
Taille installée~231 MB
Taille du téléchargement200 MB
Architectures disponiblesx86_64
Installations4 031
Site web du projethttps://wavebox.io/

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flatpak install flathub io.wavebox.Wavebox


flatpak run io.wavebox.Wavebox