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kehittäjältä Theodore Chang

ūüßģ An Open Source, Parallel and Heterogeneous Finite Element Analysis Framework

ūüßģ suanPan is a finite element method (FEM) simulation platform for applications in fields such as solid mechanics and civil/structural/seismic engineering. The name suanPan (in some places such as suffix it is also abbreviated as suPan) comes from the term Suan Pan (ÁģóÁõ§), which is Chinese abacus. suanPan is written in modern high quality C++ code and is targeted to provide an efficient, concise, flexible and reliable FEM simulation platform.

suanPan is partially influenced by popular (non-)commercial FEA packages, such as ABAQUS UNIFIED FEA, ANSYS and OpenSees.


The flatpak requires: 64-bit, x86_64, AVX

Muutokset versiossa 2.8

7 päivää sitten
Koko asennettuna~164 MB
Latauksen koko56 MB
Saatavilla olevat arkkitehtuuritx86_64
LisenssiGNU General Public License v3.0 or later

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flatpak install flathub io.github.tlcfem.suanPan


flatpak run io.github.tlcfem.suanPan