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Clash for Windows

от Fndroid

Clash's graphical client, based on Electron.

Clash is a rules-based, cross-platform proxy application core program written in Go. Clash for Windows is a graphical Clash branch available on Linux. The Clash API is used to configure and control the Clash core application for easy visualization and use by users.

Known issues:

Due to the well-established restrictions of sandbox, some features are not available for now. Such as Service Mode, TUN Mode...

Промени във версия 0.20.15

преди 13 дни
Инсталиран размер~105 MB
Изтеглен размер101 MB
Налични архитектуриx86_64
Инсталирания21 794

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Ръчно инсталиране

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flatpak install flathub io.github.Fndroid.clash_for_windows


flatpak run io.github.Fndroid.clash_for_windows