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Mendeley is a free reference manager and an academic social network

With the Mendeley Reference Manager, you can easily organize and search your personal library, annotate documents and cite as you write. Import papers and other documents from your desktop, your existing libraries or websites with ease. Mendeley automatically captures information like authors, title and publisher, which makes organization and browsing easy.

Over 6 million researchers trust Mendeley to share ideas, see what’s new in their field and discuss important developments. Discover new connections by searching for people on Mendeley and finding researchers with similar interests via Public Groups. You can also follow new people from suggestions in your Mendeley feed.

Промени във версия 1.19.8

преди около 2 години
Инсталиран размер~126 MB
Изтеглен размер125 MB
Налични архитектуриx86_64
Инсталирания29 166
Домашна страницаhttps://www.mendeley.com

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flatpak install flathub com.elsevier.MendeleyDesktop


flatpak run com.elsevier.MendeleyDesktop