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Wez's Terminal Emulator

by Wez Furlong

A GPU-accelerated cross-platform terminal emulator and multiplexer

WezTerm is a terminal emulator with support for modern features such as fonts with ligatures, hyperlinks, multiple windows, tabs and split panes.

Configuration is expressed using Lua and many powerful functions are provided to help you customize your terminal to your workflow.

Integrated ssh allows using multiple tabs and panes without requiring tmux to be installed on the remote host, and remote wezterm multiplexer support allows tmux+mosh style workflows without using tmux or mosh, while providing a fully native GUI locally.

Changes in version 20220905-102802-7d4b8249

29 days ago
Installed Size~100 MB
Download Size41 MB
Available Architecturesaarch64, x86_64
LicenseMIT License

Installs over time

Manual Install

Make sure to follow the setup guide before installing

flatpak install flathub org.wezfurlong.wezterm


flatpak run org.wezfurlong.wezterm