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by Joshua Lee

Calculate with postfix notation

Sums is a postfix calculator focused on simplicy and designed to fit seamlessly into your GNOME desktop. Features include:

  • A beautiful user interface that adheres to GNOME's design guidelines
  • A selection of core mathematical operations and constants
  • Two-way history navigation
  • Copying your results with one click

Changes in version 0.9

24 days ago
Installed Size~1 MB
Download Size438 KB
Available Architecturesaarch64, x86_64
LicenseGNU General Public License v3.0 or later

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Installs over time

Manual Install

Make sure to follow the setup guide before installing

flatpak install flathub io.gitlab.leesonwai.Sums


flatpak run io.gitlab.leesonwai.Sums