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OpenSpades Logo


Open Source voxel shooter

Beyond All Reason Logo

Beyond All Reason

The Total Annihilation Inspired RTS you've been waiting for

Flare: Empyrean Campaign Logo

Flare: Empyrean Campaign

2D action role playing game

Shattered Pixel Dungeon Logo

Shattered Pixel Dungeon

Roguelike RPG, with pixel art graphics and lots of variety and replayability

osu! Logo


A free-to-win rhythm game. Rhythm is just a *click* away!

Freeciv Logo


Gtk+-3.22 based client for the Freeciv game

Teeworlds Logo


Online multiplayer shooter game

OpenArena Logo


Free and open source first-person shooter

Armagetron Advanced Logo

Armagetron Advanced

3D Lightcycle Game

Cave Story NX Logo

Cave Story NX

A nostalgic side-action adventure game

GCompris Logo


Multi-Activity Educational game for children 2 to 10

0 A.D. Logo

0 A.D.

Real-Time Strategy Game of Ancient Warfare

Endless Sky Logo

Endless Sky

Space exploration and combat game

Battle for Wesnoth Logo

Battle for Wesnoth

A turn-based strategy game with a high fantasy theme

Remnants of the Precursors Logo

Remnants of the Precursors

A polished modernization of the original Master of Orion Strategy game from 1993.

SuperTuxKart Logo


A 3D open-source kart racing game

Xonotic Logo


Multiplayer, deathmatch oriented first person shooter

Mindustry Logo


Mindustry: A sandbox tower-defense game

Aisleriot Solitaire Logo

Aisleriot Solitaire

Play many different solitaire games

Veloren Logo


Veloren is a multiplayer voxel RPG written in Rust. It is inspired by games such as Cube World, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft.

DDNet Logo


DDraceNetwork, a cooperative racing mod of Teeworlds

GNOME Chess Logo


Play the classic two-player board game of chess

Open Surge Logo

Open Surge

A fun 2D retro platformer inspired by Sonic games and a game creation system

Hedgewars Logo


Funny turn-based artillery game, featuring fighting Hedgehogs!

Pioneer Logo


A game of lonely space adventure

Minetest Logo


Multiplayer infinite-world block sandbox game